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Magnetic Stress Relief Fidget Rings

Don't become another statistic, buy your Anti-stress magnetic rings today and keep the stress away while in isolation or working from home.

Help your stress disappear with these magnetic rings that have a decompression effect and will immediately calm you down.

Simply wear the rings and turn with your fingertips.

2020 has certainly been a year for heightened stress and anxiety, these rings can help ease your tension.

You can spin them, whirl them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends… the possibilities are endless!

Assists Autism, ADHD, Anxiety Relief  and Focus for Kids.

The Best Way to Relieve Stress

This is a set of 3 magnetic rings that take any fidget gadgets to a new level. The rings are fully independent but together you can spin them around your fingers in fascinating ways. With a multi-directional spin, they become a freestyle spinner with multiple tricks and ways to use them.

When You're Tired in the Office

 Planetary Orbit trick

Eclipse trick

 Axis Blade trick

 The Katana trick


Additional MOVES, GAMES, and TRICKS from reviewers and testers:


It's a cooperative experience that unites people.
Magnetic Billiards - see what moves you can achieve without magnetizing your ring.

 The easiest game - Magnetic Hockey. Avoid the magnetic field as you send the ring back and forth! 

 A floating magic ring can help your job easier on the magic show. Just enjoy the magic of magic and the fun!

Product description


✈  ✈  ✈  ✈  ⚡ Accessories introduction ⚡  ✈  ✈ ✈  ✈

➤ Product name: Anti-Stress Magnetic Rings

➤ Material: plastic cement 

➤ Magnetic ring size: Outer ring 3.1 CM

➤ Inner ring diameter 1.8CM

➤ Package size: 17.2X7.5X2.6cm

➤ Package includes: 3x Magnetic ring