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Reversible Plush Octopus

Do you find it difficult expressing your emotions? Let the Reversible Octo-Plushie do it for you! Flip it inside-out to display your current mood and feelings in a way both you and your significant other can understand!
The unique flip two-color design provides you with different visual and sensory experiences.

Available in Multi-Colors for you to choose according to your preferences. Super soft and easy to flip inside out, which can help relax your mood.
This double-sided flip octopus plush doll is made of durable plush material and is filled with high-quality PP cotton material. Easy to clean, use a small amount of soap and water to remove stains, and dry naturally.
Perfect for playing, collecting & cuddling. Our Octo-plushies are the perfect gifts for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas & more! Funny gift for any plushie lover!